The interesting history of Lancashire hotpot

Published: 13th July 2010
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Lancashire is non-metropolitan city of historic origin in the North West of England. It inherits its name from the city of Lancaster, and is sometimes known as the Country of Lancaster. It has a long and diversified agricultural and industrial history, which in turn, resulted in a rich culinary heritage. There are numerous traditional dishes of Lancashire that are prepared from various economical ingredients, producing cheap but tasty dishes that would keep hard working families warm and fed in the cold climate.

Lancashire is the origin of the Lancashire hot pot. It's a casserole dish conventionally made with lamb. The history of this traditional dish is very interesting and inspired out of necessity. During the 18th century, it was a kind of perforate, but changed into a meat stew in the middle of the 19th century. It is also discussed in the novel North & South, where Victorian writer Elisabeth Gaskell described how Mr. Thornton, a mill owner, dined on it with his work hands: "I never made a better dinner in my life. I told them how much I had enjoyed it; and for some time, when ever that special dinner recurred in their dietary, I was sure to be met by these men, with a 'Master, there's hotpot for dinner today win yo' come?'"

Lancashire hotpot has its roots in the Lancashire cotton industry. There is an interesting story behind this. It is a very simple dish which can be cooked quickly with long slow cooking. The female workers working in the mill were used to prepare the dinner in the morning by placing the Hotpot in the range ovens and after several hours it would be ready when the family returned home.

There are other traditional dishes in Lancashire that include frumenty, pobs, potato hotpot, nettle porridge, rag pudding any many more.

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